• Inspiration from the Australian Eucalypts

    63f4fd67-7143-4053-8f18-6903f48e50d7A few years ago, some very dear friends, whom we have known for a long time, came to visit Fleur de Lys. We had told them of our new venture and they wanted to see it. Like most of the people who come into the store, they were very impressed with the quality, the diversity and the presentation of our different ranges – so much so, that one of our friends, Barbara, said “You should contact my niece. She lives in Perth and does beautiful ceramic work!”

    And we did – we contacted Melanie Sharpham, we told her that Aunty Barbara had given us her details. It was such a nice way to discover Eucalypt Homewares.

    These striking ceramic works are all made by hand in Western Australia, and evoke flowering blossoms, gum nuts and dusty landscapes.

    Melanie, whom we have since come to know quite well, insists that they all deigned to be treasured – but more importantly, to be used … everyday!


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  1. Killy Stanton says:

    These pieces look beautiful. Love the colours and designs!

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