• The End of an Era

    “All good things must come to an end.”

    At the end of April 2019, Fleur de Lys will close its doors and be no more!

    For almost 9 years, we have lived in an amazing environment, surrounded by objects that we were able to choose and to bring together, in order to create the unique personality of our beautiful store. We selected stock that spoke to us – because of its inherent beauty, because of its quality, its attraction and its interest – allowing us to tell a story, or rather many stories, both literally and metaphorically.

    Our customers have often said “It really is like visiting a gallery!” ” I feel I am in Paris!” They could feel what we were doing – attempting to create a European atmosphere – with a strong French accent. We welcomed customers as they came through the door – like the ubiquitous “Bonjour!” or “Hola!” that greet you throughout France or Spain. We wrapped gifts in delicate paper, recalling the attention typical of service in Japan. We offered help and guidance to those who were not too sure. We told stories and anecdotes about our hand-painted porcelain, about the baskets woven from wire by the Zulu men, about the glasses made in the oldest glass-factory in Europe.

    It is not easy to define the world of “Retail”. You become increasingly involved in the world that you are creating – in the contact that you make with your suppliers and your customers. In many cases, these contacts become quite personal – customers share with you their joys and sorrows as they seek the appropriate gift for that occasion – the birth of a baby, a wedding, a 95th birthday, a special thank-you …

    You live the grandeur and splendor of the magnificent Trade Shows that we attended in Paris – being inspired by the beauty and enthusiasm that exude optimism and “bien-être”. You delight in opening the boxes as your new orders arrive – and then you wait for the moment of truth. Will your customers be as excited as you about your new purchases?

    Now, having decided to move to the next stage of our very full lives, we say “good-bye” to all our wonderful experiences. We also say “Merci” and “Thank you” to all the wonderful people who have touched our lives over the part 9 years.

    It has been a wonderfully memorable journey!

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