About us

Fleur de Lys – synonymous with the Joy of living – of being surrounded by objects of beauty, by objects with personality, each one with a story to tell.

Objects which will enhance your home and your life, moving you to another level, adding a new dimension. That little extra – that little “je ne sais quoi” – adding serenity, or colour, or simply being a beautiful object to admire.

The owners, Ross and Danièle, are the quintessential international couple. Danièle is French, Ross is Australian – and together they have spent nearly 40 years in international postings throughout the world, where entertaining was an important part of their responsibilities.

Fleur de Lys is therefore a reflection of their personalities and their passion for interesting and beautiful pieces. Their greatest pleasure is collecting objects and ideas – and letting their imagination run wild. The second greatest pleasure is sharing all of this with you. European with a strong French accent, time spent in Fleur de Lys is a sensation of the senses. Find our store at 97 Victoria Street, East Gosford, NSW 2250